Reminders To All That This Document Is Now Required For Your Philippine Passport Renewal To Extend It For Another 10 Years

Nowadays, we’re all well informed that the Pres. Rodrigo Duterte has already authorized the suggestion to extent the validity of passport for up to 10 years governed by RA 10928. This is good announcement for all of us, but if you are about to extend your passport soon, please be notified that a particular document is promptly required for you to submit upon renewal.

Though there’s a recent advanced system in extending passport, the system now needed the whole data to be keyed in. If the only address asserted in you is become invalid passport is the province only and not involving the city or the municipality, you’ll have to present your original birth certificate to back up this partial data.

Hence, all Filipino resident implementing for passport renewal have to submit a copy of their birth certificate to make the procedure easier; or else, it will take prolonged than the normal.

Based to Vice Consul Elizabeth Picar Ramos, this added renewal requirement is only for that claimant whose passport doesn’t indicate the municipality or city of their birth location. They should get a copy of their birth certificate which is authorized by National Statistics Office (NSO) or the currently called Philippine Statistics Authority.

Ramos concluded that if the claimant doesn’t present a copy of their passport during renewal, the printing of the passport will be ejected.

This additional requirement is valid for applicants who will renew their passport beginning on August 2017. So Ramos advised all claimants to assure that they submit the whole requirements to make the procedure quick and organized.

Ramos also added that Filipino can request for passport renewal through online of book an appointment as fast as 10 months before the passport become invalid.

Though the passport application is free of bill, it is rigidly by appointment to be scheduled by Passport Appointment Portal.

Concurrently, for those claimants who did not come during their appointment since June 1 shall settle other appointment in online.

Source: The News Journal