Must Be Aware Of This 5 Common And Early Symptoms of the HIV Virus to Prevent Getting Transmitted It to Others

HIV is the most usually transmitted by pre-seminal release, semen, anal discharge, vaginal discharge and through blood.

Human Immunodeficiency Virus or HIV is a disease that infects the cells of living creature, killing them and reproducing themselves to interchange those cells.

Signs of HIV can differ between individual. Hence, the first symptoms of infections usually appear within the first 1 to 2 months. Numerous, but not at all, people will suffer serious flu signs which is the body’s natural reaction to the disease. This is also known as “sereconversion cycle”.

It makes the HIV so harmful when it strikes the immune system itself – the very thing that would usually get rid of a disease.

Here are the early symptoms that you have HIV that can show in the body:
Candida Yeast is a usual fungus. It frequently arises in the mouth and makes it very difficult to swallow food and water.

Experiments show that almost 40% people who get contaminated with HIV virus will have short period of vomiting and nausea.


This one simply belongs to the most harmful signs that are caused by HIV. It can also be simply be wrong as an allergy.

Feeling of tiredness and fever are the most usual signs of HIV. If you’re always get tired or have a sore throat, inflated lymph organ or joint weakness after fever or feeling of tiredness, then there’s a high possibility of HIV.


One of the main effects of HIV is that it makes the immune system useless. This may cause to skin rashes and allergies, then itching and burning.

With such a big array of signs, HIV testing is important to ensure a right diagnosis. If you believe you’ve been vulnerable to HIV, or have a lively sex life with informal sex partners, in spite of whether you’re showing signs of HIV or not, it is vital to obtain tested as early as possible.


The most usual way to the HIV virus may access the body by high chances of sexual behavior and vulnerable to injection or infusion.

Source: Healthy Journal