MISTAKE: Sleeping With Your Cell phone Near To Head Can Cause to Brain Damage

It is determined that we cannot go anywhere without our mobile phones, even when going to sleep, or should be close or beside us. But did you know that there are dismissive effects having your phone close to you while you’re sleeping?

About 44% of people throughout the world are always scrolling on their phone before they go to sleep or powernap beside it and even placing it below their pillow at night. You may have a cause for doing it, maybe you’re using your phones as your alarm clock or you do not like to mishear any phone calls.

Nevertheless, this routine is harmful to the health.
Radiation in our mobile phones can lead to brain damage. Body tissues assimilate radiation of energy to our brain, and answering phone calls close to your ear may lead to tissue destruction that may cause to cancer.

Techniques to avoid getting severe diseases due to mobile phones:
– Limit your usage of mobile phone, meaning do not check or use you phone so much frequent, mostly minimize use of answering phone calls. Radiation secretion is high during phone calls; it is preferable if you can just text it.
– Do not use loudspeaker way and use earphones during phone calls. Wired earpiece can decrease the quantity of radiation that the body tissue assimilates.

– Stay away your phone away from you, mostly when you’re sleeping.
– Better to turn off your phone every night. There’s nothing you have to be bother, your phone anyway working even if you turn it off.
Still, many experts suggest taking a warning approach of limiting usage to only needed exposures. Sleeping with mobile phones below your pillow or near to your head isn’t recommended due to the chances of overexposure to potentially dangerous radiation.

Source: Healthy Journal