Doctors Finally Tell The Reason Why Many People Wake Up With Swollen Feet And Arms – Cure it now before it’s too late!

Once in a while, we see ourselves having puffy feet and hands without any causes.

Furthermore, visiting your specialists and offering us suggested medicine; they do not actually describe the condition, well for us on why these types of conditions occur.

Therefore, in result, we cannot avoid thinking the bad thing. But, these are actually the cause:
Inflammation of the limbs is result in dehydration; this is due to the lack portion of water. Our body begin to keep the remaining portion of water. Hence, the level of water in the body decreases to minimum.

There are posture we comfortably sleep in, small thing did we know, some can be dangerous for our bodies. For example, if we sleep on the abdomen or on the side can lead to joint pain. Also, lack of sleep or insomnia can cause to puffy arms and legs.

Too much intake of salt can cause to inflammation. It adds the sodium levels in the body. Hence, it allows the body to keep water. So, it is suggested to reduce salt intake.

Kidney problems frequent times give to swelling in the arms and legs. The kidneys are the important organs for filtering the dangerous ingredients and poisons out of the body. If you’re experiencing from kidney problems, your body begin to delay water rather than filtrating.

 Compresses
Cold and warm compressing is suggested. Cold compress is put in for when the inflammation is the result of an allergy or several internal issues.

 Massage
Who does not like to have a massage? All we like is to relax and remove the pains in our bodies. But remember, massaged mildly the affected part, with gradually and round motions, rather than using pressure.

 Compressive materials
To flow your blood freely, you’re suggested to wear clothes from compressive substances. For your swelling hands, for instances, wear tights or socks and compressive gloves.

Source: Healthy Journal