A Russian Doctor State That Immune System Can Boost By Simply Immersing Your Legs Into Cold Water, It Helps You to fight against to Diseases

Immune system plays an important task in the whole health, this support you to fight against different illnesses and diseases. Also stops the bacteria and any contaminants from penetrating the body.

So it’s harmful when you have a poor immune system, you’re so perceptible to illness that may get you sick.

Cold water and cold shower have a long history in numerous cultures, and for better reason. While taking a bath with a hot water is extremely smooth, cold water gives us many health benefits.

Moreover, another study organized in Prague, including that two kinds of white blood cells (monocytes and lymphocytes), which are important for the elimination of pathogens, increased after athletes took a shower in cold water. Many scientist claim that cold bath soothes the stress also and enhance the mood.

Based to Russian specialists named Dr. Sergei Bubnovki, the immune system will be enhanced if you immerse your legs into ice cold water for at least 10 to 15 seconds. He also concluded that by following this thing can stops you from getting cold or flu.

– At first, fill the wash tub with cold water. Then mix ice as much as you have accessible at your house. But the more ice much preferable.
– And then, place your feet into the water and immerse it for only 10 to 15 seconds, you have to make sure that in only takes seconds not minutes.
– Does this process every evening before you go to sleep?

If your immune system is so much exhausted, you can do this procedure for every 4 hours.

The university of Virginia coordinate a study regards to this theory and they found out that, icy water can activates the structure of nor-epinephrine which really a significant hormone that fortifies immune system.

Source: Healthy Journal