Try This Chinese Method Of Massaging Your Legs; It Will Definitely Help You To Get A Better Sleep

Our legs have a big task in our whole life since we were born. It’s a significant part of our lives to do our everyday roles and actions.

Nevertheless, they’re taken for providing as; many people believe that it’s only useful for jumping, walking or running. In fact, legs are useful in resolving sleeping problems.

In order to settle your sleep disorder, the right exercise is the “San Yin Jiao Process”. It’s a Chinese sleeping process which is common in the country due to it is amazing and very useful.

San Yin Jiao Process needs a right massaging on the legs every night before going to sleep. The massage process involves the particular point in the legs to be massaged to give satisfying results.

Moreover, doing so can help you to cleanse and control the spleen and kidneys, securing your blood are in tip-top figure.


– To see the particular point, on must see the prominent peak of the inner ankle bone.
– Then, assess 4 finger widths up the internal leg. The point will be just beyond the shin bone.
– Place your thumb on this point and begin massaging it by doing a round motion for at least 6 seconds, then set free for 2 seconds. Do this again for 5 minutes.
– Repeat the method on your other legs.
– If this shape of acupressure which is extremely helpful, you’re allowed to do it again on more time on your individual legs.

If some discomfort is felt upon pressing the point, it indicates that it might be the incorrect point you’re putting pressure on.

The procedure should be pain-free. It’s also suggested to be finish during the night before you go to sleep to achieve the best results.

The massaging process helps you to soothe not only in your sleeping problem, but also in bloating stomach, urological, pelvic problems and boosting of digestions.

Other health benefits:
• Stress
• Worriedness
• Stomach pain
• Digestion
• Urinary Dysfunction

Source: Healthy Journal