Fake Honey Is Harmful To Health, Do This Easy Steps At Your Home To Identify The Real One!

Did you know that there’s pure honey and artificial honey? Without knowing how to examine the purity of honey, it will be hard to tell and distinguish the difference. You can practice this at your home, but how? Here is a simple step to examine the purity of honey at home using easy tests.

Honey has been used by the humanities throughout the world for more than 2500 years ago. Honey is a sugary food substance created and stored that has health benefits of that has made it a significant feature of traditional medicines.
Without differentiating the variation between real and fake honey, you’ll end up purchasing bad products. There are many adulteration of honey, which makes it looks pure honey yet sold as the real thing.

But, in order to love this food, you have to examine if it is real honey or not. Fortunately, there’s an easy ways to check and some of these try out do not really require many work for you.

Here’s the way to examine if the honey is real or not:
Get several portion of honey and put it on your thumb.
Figure out if the small portion of honey starts to spread throughout or it tips from your thumb.
If it does, then you don’t have a real honey due to pure honey will not stir or at least remain in one piece.
The other way to examine the real one honey is by the water test.
Get a clear glass and fill it with water.
Put a tablespoon of honey into it.
If the honey get disappear, then it’s not a real honey.
Fake honey will rapidly disappear in water and it will also spread throughout the glass. While real honey will remain at the top of the glass.

You may be think about or get curious why it is really required to know either the honey is real or not.
Honey should come from bees and from the shops. Real and pure honey is natural but artificial honey has other solidity in it which concludes the list below:
• Glucose
• Dextrose
• Molasses
• Invert sugar
• Flour starch
• Corn syrup
• Sugar syrup

Source: Healthy Journal