You are creating a big Mistake of Wrapping Your Hair in a Towel Right after taking a bath – See the Consequence of It

Showering is part of the most people’s everyday routine and not something we think about that frequently. We learn to remain ourselves tidy when we are young and it just becomes one of those mechanical things that we all do such as brushing our teeth.

Rinsing your hair daily

We all want to have our hair clean and shiny smooth. But the fact is that rinsing your hair daily is a big wrong habit: cleaning it too frequent can make the scalp brittle and irritated. So if you have a thin or a delicate hair, you should keep away washing your hair too frequently – two times a week is already enough. If you have a wavy and thick hair, experts suggest washing it only once a week.

Prolonged showers or taking too many

It may be one of the greatest happiness in life. Taking a bath should really only end 5-10 minutes. Taking a bath once a day can also be difficult on your skin. If you do feel the required, either because you went to the gym or due to it is very hot, attempt to make the second shower as rapid as possible and do not use a soap.

Not cleansing your back or feet

Those are difficult to reach parts are really simple to ignore, but this is a huge mistake. All of the skin in our entire body contains dead cells that are needed to be washed off and our feet are very susceptible into bacteria and also fungi.

Not drying the sponge

If you use a sponge during bath time, the skin cells that you rinse off might get caught into the holes and produce an absolute breeding ground for bacteria. That is why it is very significant to dry your sponge carefully every after the shower.

Applying the moisturizer too tardy

Keeping your skin tidy is important, but the soap can truly dry it out. That is why it’s better to use a moisturizing cream after each bath.

Drying your body too difficult

A lot of us get out of the shower and begin rubbing like mad using a towel to make it dry, but this is actually truly hard on our skin. The best solution to dry it is to use a soft towel and pat the water off carefully.

Not taking a bath right after the work out

Though you did not sweat much during your exercise, it’s still a better idea to have a rapid shower after. Even tiny amounts of sweating can react with the germs to produce body odour hours later.

Take a bath only with a hot water

Although bathing with cold water is not as soothing as doing it with hot water, it has many advantages: it motivates circulation, keeping your skin fresh, making you feel more energetic and also alleviate depression.

Using conditioner into your hair

Conditioning all your hair looks like the best thing to do, but it can really leave your hair looks greasy and even dull. If you have a long hair, apply the conditioner only at the ends. Another tip in applying the conditioner is using it BEFORE shampooing, because the greasy effect of the conditioner is washing away.

Wrapping you long hair using a towel

Wrapping your hair in a towel after your bath can really damage it. It is better to squeeze out the extra moisture with a towel rather than rubbing which can cause tangling.

Shaving under water

Based on the experts, shaving body hair while the water is sleek over it can cause acute skin irritation. But if you demand on shaving in the shower, use a special shaving gels and warm water.

Source: Health and Wellness