5 Habits You Have To Stop Doing Right After You Eat Your Meal – It Might Be Dangerous For You!

A lot of people have habits to rest, chill or watch a television after taking a dinner without having awareness that this is a harmful routine which can be extremely dangerous to their overall health.

We will show to you in this article about the most 5 habits that you should never do after taking your meals like dinner or lunch due to it will provide you a severe health problem that can cause of death.

Here is the list of the 5 habits you should never do after your meal because it might kill you:

1. Smoke

– Based on the several studies, cigarette smoking right after you take your meal is equal to smoking 10 cigarettes at once. Moreover, this can add your risk of bowel and lung cancer. A lot of people are well informed that smoking is very dangerous to their health and so they keep it resume doing it right after their meal.

Note: it is extremely significant to wait a few hours after taking a meal and then you can smoke because cigarettes has nicotine which can attach to the excess oxygen necessary for digestion, therefore, letting the body to take more carcinogens than common.

2. Showering

– Taking a bath right after your meal can add the flow in the legs and hands, therefore decreasing the blood circulation in the stomach. This will pressure your digestive system and may cause a stomach ache.

3. Consume fruits

– The perfect time for eating fruit is during before meal, with an empty stomach because to the point that fruits needs various enzymes in order to digest. Even the sugars have in fruit which required more time so they can be fully absorbed.

Note: make sure to get the most benefits from all the nutrients, fiber and other sugars when your stomach is vacant. Consuming fruits after your meal, on the other hand it might cause a heart burn, belching and indigestion.

4. Sleep

– In the University of Loannina Medical School regulate a study which they proved who waited a long period of time to go to sleep after taking a meal has a low risk of suffering a stroke. So, assure to not take your meal at least a few hours before you go to sleep.

Note: if you go to sleep right after you take your meal, it is more probable to suffer pain, and bloating and other sleeping style due to it can cause your stomach to burn in the night.

5. Tea beverage

– You have to avoid drinking tea right after having a dinner due to it can obstruct with the iron absorption. The tea has a tannic acid which can connect with iron and protein in the food.

Note: it is scientifically proven that in most problems this affects 87% low in absorption in iron. And lack of iron can cause anemia, hence causing pale skin, bad appetite, chest discomfort, cold hands and feet’s, weakness, dizziness and very tired.

Other information:

– Assure to have a mental reminder all the time and remain several spaces in between consuming fruits, tea or taking a rest.

We aim that this short article is informative to you, spread this post so that you can also enlighten others about this and might help them too.

Source: The Artikulo Health News