10 Important Signals That Your Body Needs Help Don’t Ignore Them!

Having a problem with your health is scary because you need an urgent medication worst you need to hospitalize.

Better to know the signs that you are a prone to some ailments and it is always true that prevention is better than cure.

Below are the signs that your body needs help and you must not ignore:

1. Increased desire for salty food

If you notice an unusual and increased desire for salty foods, it means that there is some infection or inflammation going on into your body, especially in the urinary or the genital system.

2. Increased desire for sweets

If this is the case with you, your nervous system is probably exhausted and you need a high power snack – glucose.

3. Bleeding gums

If your gums are bleeding, your body lacks vitamin C.

4. Poor sleep, irritability, leg cramps

These symptoms indicate that there is absence of magnesium and potassium in your body.

5. Dry skin on the elbows

This signifies that your body lacks the vitamins A and C.

6. Desire for raw foods

The increased desire for raw foods shows that you have gastritis or liver problems.

7. Desire for sour food

This type of food is necessary for triggering the liver and the gall bladder, so the increased desire for sour food may indicate issues with these organs.

8. Desire for seafood

The increased desire for seafood indicates that you have a deficiency of iodine in your body.

9. Brittle hair and nails

These symptoms show that your body lacks vitamin B and calcium.

10. Dry skin

It means that your body does not have enough vitamin E. In order to improve the amount of vitamin E, in your diet, you should use eggs, fish and vegetable oils.

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