Grow Your Eyebrows and Lashes More Longer With This Cheap Home Made Serum!

Most ladies lose eyelash and eyebrow density once they become old.

So many ladies would gone to nice lengths for longer eyelashes.

Luckily, there are many remedies like eyelash extensions and progress serums may cause allergic reactions, an infection or different issues.

Natural home remedies are few easy treatment to reverse this course of and rejuvenate your eyelashes and eyebrows.

This very efficient hair progress serum is made from solely pure components and gained’t have an effect on your hormonal stability in any method, in contrast to many different expensive, full of chemical compounds hair progress serums and merchandise available on the market.

See below the recipe that would help you ease the problem you experience:

You need to prepare the following ingredients:
– Castor oil
– Organic Coconut oil
– Avocado oil (optional)
– Small bottle

Follow this simple and easy steps:
Step 1. Pour castor oil halfway into the bottle.
Step 2. Add the coconut oil leaving a small space for the avocado oil.
Step 3. Mix all ingredients by shaking the bottle.
Step 4. To use, squeeze a drop on to your finger or a cotton swab and gently massage into your upper and lower lashes. Use it on your eyebrows as well.
Note: We recommended that you use the serum at night to let it work overnight before washing your face in the morning. For much better an faster result, use it daily.

Additional Information on the Benefits of the Hair Growth Serum:
– Avocado oil, though an optional ingredient, it can be added into your hair growth serum for an extra boost.
– Castor oil alone would give noticeable results, as it has been extremely helpful for lengthening and thickening hair.
– Coconut oil has been known for it’s ability to care for skin, hair and nails for centuries.
– Rich in vitamins and nutrients, coconut oil can breath a new life into your eyebrows and eyelashes.

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Source: The Artikulo Uno News