Best Home Remedies To Have Perfect Straight Hair You Ever Wanted!

Every woman dreams about having hair that look and feel exactly like the ones model flaunt in one of those shampoo ads.

Straight strands are in trend, these days.

Of course, permanent hair straightening gives you the expected results for one year.

But, after one year, you will end up with even more bad conditioned hair with split and hardened ends.

Well, there are some ingredients in your kitchen, which can straighten your hair, naturally and permanently.

Natural remedies cause no damage to your hair.

So, get ready to have shiny, healthy and straight hair at home without spending a huge amount of money from your pocket.

These home remedies should be done no more than two or three times a week. Daily use would not be healthy for your scalp and hair.

We listed some of them so that you can try them on your own:

1. Coconut milk mixed with lemon juice
Step 1. Grate a coconut to extract the milk from it.
Step 2. Add one squeezed lemon juice
Step 3. Refrigerate the mixture for a few hours.
Step 4. A creamy layer will be produced on the top of the mixture. Apply that cream to your hair and wrap it with a hot towel.
Step 5. Wait for at least one hour. Then, wash your hair with a mild shampoo and dry it completely.

2. Milk and honey
Step 1. Mix milk and homey to make a paste
Step 2. To get more effective result, smash strawberries or banana into the mixture.
Step 3. Apply it to your hair.
Step 4. Wait for an hour for it to dry, then rinse with water.

3. Milk spray
Step 1. Pour milk in a spray bottle and spray it all over your hair.
Step 2. Wait for half an hour and let your hair absorb the milk.
Step 3. Rinse with a shampoo to discover the new look of your hair.

4. Natural conditioning
Note: Regular use of hair conditioner after a wash makes your hair soft and supple. Use tea liquor as a natural curly hair conditioner.

5.Olive oil with egg
Step 1. Beat two eggs and add adequate amount of olive oil.
Step 2. Mix and apply to the hair.
Step 3. Wait for at least an hour and then wash with a mild shampoo.

6. Regular hot oil treatment
Step 1. Mix coconut oil with olive oil. You can also replace olive oil with almond oil after a few days.
Step 2. Massage this mixture on the scalp and the hair.
Step 3. Cover the hair with a hot towel.
Step 4. Leave it for at least 45 minutes. Then wash with a shampoo.

Note: You have to make a hair care regime and repeat any one of these straightening processes at least twice a week. Only then you can find a marked difference in your hair after a few months.

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Source: The Artikulo Uno News