7 Fruits That You Should Never Combine as They Cause Death In Children

Fruit typing is part of the overall concept of food combining.

It follows the thinking that foods digest at different rates and ingesting an improper mix of foods can cause fermentation within the digestive system.

When this happens, digestion transit time willl slows down leading to bloating and possible bacterial imbalances.

The basic rules: Fruits should be consumed alone on an empty stomach; starches with cooked non-starchy vegetables; flesh proteins and dairy with cooked non-starchy vegetables; and nuts and seeds with raw vegetables.

Basically, no one in there right mind would ever think of eating these foods together if they knew what would happen in our digestive system.

Foods You Should Never Mix

1. Banana and Pudding
When consumed by adults, banana and pudding can result in stomach heaviness and increased production of toxins. On the other hand, when consumed by infants it can be fatal.

2. Orange with Carrot
You have probably seen this combination in juices. However, this combo can cause heartburn, damage to the renal system, and excess bile reflux.

3. Pineapple with Milk or Yogurt
This combination contains bromelain and can result in stomach gas, stomach pain, nausea, and diarrhea.

4. Papaya with Lemon
This combination makes you develop anemia and problems with your hemoglobin (protein in your blood). You shouldn’t give this combination to children in any case.

5. Guava with Banana
This combination caused acidosis, gas, headache and stomach ache.

6. Orange with Milk
Orange doesn’t give your stomach an opportunity to process the starches in the cereal. Additionally, this combination is difficult for digestion because it destroys the enzyme which is responsible for digesting starches.

7. Vegetables and Fruits
Fruits contain sugars. Therefore, when eating fruits and vegetables in the same time, we cannot digest them properly. Moreover, the fruit produces more toxins and can trigger many ailments, including diarrhea, infections, stomach pain and headache.

Source: Unknown Remedy