Philippine Medicinal Herbs: Powerful Health Benefits Of ARATILES! Fruit You Might Not Know!

Are you familiar with Kerson Fruit?

It is a fast growing tree and it is also known as “aratilis” it has a cherry like fruit.

The Kerson cherry contains many powerful antibacterial compounds, with multiple health benefits.

Did you know that it helps fight gout related pain, reduces heart attack risk, prevents inflammation, lowers blood pressure and cures headaches.

It’s a good source of Vitamin C and vital minerals such as protein, phosphorous, calcium and iron.

It is also antibacterial in nature, soothes abdominal cramps and a good antinociceptive agent (pain blocker).

Here are some of the health benefits of kerson fruit:

Antibacterial compounds
– The Kerson cherry contains many powerful antibacterial compounds too, making it a new source of antibacterial agents

– Used to stop the pain associated with gout. Consuming 9 to 12 of the cherries three times a day seems to work well for treating the pain.

– The leaves contain antioxidants, made into tea protect the heart from heart attacks, because it prevents inflammation which leads to myocardial infarction. Same way, Kiwi fruits benefits as a potent antioxidant.

– The leaves can be used as tea for treating inflammation and swelling and for lowering fevers.

Abdominal cramps
– The flowers of the tree boiled for tea are a good antiseptic agent and also work well for treating abdominal cramps.

Cardiovascular Protection
– The leaves made into tea protect the heart from heart attacks, because the leaves contain antioxidants that prevent inflammation which leads to myocardial infarction.


– Munching on the fruit and drinking tea made of the leaves works great for curing headaches.

Lowers Blood Pressure
– Tea made of the leaves lowers blood pressure because it contains nitric oxide which relaxes blood vessels thus improving blood flow.

Pain Blocker
– Kerson leaves made into tea are great for pain because they block pain receptors, a good antinociceptive agent similar to opiates.

Vitamins and minerals
– Other than fiber, Kerson Fruit has a lot of vitamins and minerals like carbs, protein, calcium and phosphorus for strong bones, water, iron for anemia, and B-Vitamins for vitality and good mood.

Vitamin C
– The fruit contains a good amount of Vitamin C a potent antioxidant that helps to fight off colds and flues.

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Source: Cure Joy